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Don’t we all hate it when PR, marketing and brand communication companies sit back and wait for you to feed them information while they gather in their retainer. During ‘these times’ what you really need is value for money from someone who offers a personal service, is proactive and understands your market.

We have always had a firm conviction that in the depths of recession you must try harder to keep the marketing ball bouncing. If you let it stop it is so much harder or even impossible to get it going again if and when things ‘turn round’. It is therefore essential that you have the best possible support in such times to maintain that omentum.

For years we have tried relentlessly to find such support but regrettably , thus far we have failed miserably. Having tried agencies in the region we even turned to stellar London agencies like FREUD.

But, at long last there is a newkid on the block and we have never felt more comfortable than with CALLAGHAN MARKETING our new PR and marketing agency. Lesley Callaghan MD, has an enviable track record having spent twenty years with Sunderland football club steering the pr accounts of regional, national and international sponsors to ensure both parties were assured of one hundred percent satisfaction in their relationships. We have met no one who better understands direct and affinity branding and we are delighted to have her on board. Indeed it is a privilege to be one of her first clients.

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